Intelligent Fleets

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Frotcom software is celebrating 20 years
The award-winning vehicle tracking and fleet management system is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Twenty years have gone by since the launch of Frotcom 1.0, conceived at the time as a...
The year is 1997. A small team of young engineers huddles around a blue box connected to a computer, lights flashing in pre-defined patterns. A command is sent out to locate another box. A black box...
Frotcom International has got a new office!
A growing team and an increasingly demanding business set the need for bigger and better facilities. We are celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of Frotcom’s first release, and there is nothing...
Frotcom and HERE help truckers keep moving
HERE posted an article on its blog that got a lot of attention: “Frotcom and HERE help truckers keep moving”. It’s a great, insightful post on how HERE is now providing Frotcom with the best real-...