Intelligent Fleets

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For fleets cleaner could be meaner
According to figures from the European Environment Agency, air pollution causes 467,000 premature deaths each year, with significant costs to health-care and productivity. Across Europe, over 200...
Frotcom's floating mode
You can visualize Frotcom’s vehicle info box in two modes, the floating mode, and the docked mode. In the floating mode , the info box is placed near the vehicle icon over the map screen, it opens...
New safety standards. At last?
After many years of delay, the European Commission (EC) is being called upon to introduce new minimum vehicle safety standards, and motoring groups, consumer representatives and industry bodies are...
Frotcom International migrates data center to Microsoft Azure
Frotcom and Microsoft have strengthened their partnership by moving Frotcom’s Data Center to Microsoft’s Azure platform. Frotcom, global provider of cloud based fleet management systems, is excited...