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Frotcom is 100% about fleet management
Frotcom is present in more than 30 countries
Frotcom - leading the way in innovation


That is why you need tools to help you. 

Frotcom is an Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management professional solution, designed to control your fleet’s activities, communicate with drivers and monitor driving behaviour. 

Frotcom has been leading the way in innovation and supporting company’s needs worldwide, since 1997. 

With Frotcom you are back in command! 


There are several benefits associated with the use of Frotcom.

  • Increased quality of customer service
    Quicker response to service demands;
    Information to customers of the estimated arrival time;
    Direct information to special customers through Tracking tickets (limited permissions given to customers to track some of the vehicles).
  • Reducing costs and increasing productivity
    Tighter control of fuel consumption;
    Tighter control of the fleet’s running costs;
    Lower telecommunication costs;
    Shorter waiting times, higher productivity;
    Automatic fleet report generation for managers and drivers.
  • Better business planning
    Selection of nearest vehicles for a new job;
    Route planning based on historical data (trip reports);
    Better business planning based on detailed and objective data.
  • Enhanced security
    Better driving behaviour control: fewer accidents, fewer police tickets;
    Real-time vehicle tracking increases possibility of immediate theft detection and vehicle recovery;
    Higher protection of loads through door open sensors and temperature sensors.

Frotcom in 3 minutes

  • “We could not run our business the way we do it today, without such a professional GPS tracking system as Frotcom.”
  • “We hadn’t figured out yet how much Frotcom saves us.”
  • “Our productivity has increased with Frotcom.”