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Discover the systems already integrated with Frotcom.

Frotcom offers a wide range of integrations to send and receive the data you need from external systems. We partner with leading IT systems in the transport and logistics industry. We also integrate with Human Resources, Billing, or ERP software. Keep reading to see who we integrate with already and contact us if you need more information about Frotcom API.


ContiPressureCheck™ is the tire monitoring system from Continental. The system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of all the tires in your vehicles. This integration with Frotcom will allow you to save fuel, increase mileage and reduce the risk of tire failure. 


VDO Fleet

VDO Fleet is a cloud-based system that contains tachograph analysis tools. With this integration, you can automatically upload to VDO Fleet all tachograph files received through the Tachograph Remote Download service.


BG Toll

As of 1st March 2020, an electronic system for toll collection has been introduced on a total of 3,115 km road sections of the Bulgarian road network.

With this integration, Frotcom can establish an integration with DToll, which is an application developed and owned by DAK-22 (Toll Declaration Provider) that collects vehicle data, processes it in the required format, and then submits it to a National Service Provider (NSP).

The toll charging is done automatically and there is no need for drivers to stop somewhere to pay.



As of 1st July 2013, the electronic distance-based toll system (DTS) has been introduced on a total of 7,000 km designated road sections of the Hungarian public road network (motorways, highways, main routes).

If your vehicles travel on these tolled roads with a Frotcom on-board GPS unit, HU-GO can automatically charge the cost of the driven section.



TimoCom is an IT service provider for the European transport industry. It is one of the largest carriers and truckload marketplaces. Frotcom has developed an integration that allows Timocom transportation partners, equipped with Frotcom, to authorize their vehicle’s positions to be available to their customers through TimoCom’s system.


DHL - SatMars

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. Frotcom is integrated with DHL via SatMars. SatMars calls Frotcom API periodically, for each Account, and gets the current location of all vehicles returned by the set up filter.


DHL - Fleet Fence

DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. Frotcom is integrated with DHL via Fleet Fence, a system used by DHL for carriers. Data sent includes location, speed, heading, odometer, temperature, and door sensors.



Gefco Group is a world expert in supply chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics. The Company offers road, air, rail, and ocean transportation, as well as freight forwarding, packaging, and warehousing services. Frotcom has developed an integration with Gefco.


LKW Walter

LKW Walter is a European organisation of full truckloads by road and in Combined Transport throughout Europe and to/from Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Frotcom has developed an integration that allows you to send the vehicle’s tracking data through Frotcom’s web service. Frotcom has been certified by LKW Walter as a tracking system compatible with their internal load tracking system.

LKW Walter


Shippeo is a leading supply chain visibility platform in Europe, giving companies instant access to predictive and real-time information for all their deliveries. Frotcom's integration with Shippeo allows customers to see Frotcom's vehicle tracking data in Shippeo's system.


Driver Fatigue Monitor - MR688

Frotcom is integrated with the Driver Fatigue Monitor system MR688, from Care Drive. With this system, it's possible to receive alerts when the hardware detects a Fatigue or Distraction event from the driver. Currently, Frotcom supports Driver Fatigue Monitor MR688 and MR688B (RS232 versions) produced by Care-drive.

Care Drive


Frotcom is integrated with ELB-Lock®, produced by Trans-Safety LOCKS® GmbH. With this system, container and trailer doors can be secured and operated both locally or remotely, via Frotcom, improving the safety and control over goods.

Trans safety Locks


Combining the power of Garmin navigation for fleet management with the flexibility of a scalable tablet and Frotcom's Mobile Workforce Management application, allows you to dispatch jobs/tasks to your drivers more easily and effectively. You can then track each job in real-time as it progresses. You will appreciate the control you have over each job as it’s carried out.



Repsol is one of the largest energy companies operating around the globe. Repsol activities range from oil and gas exploration, production to refining, and selling derived products and providing services, such as natural gas and electricity. With this integration, customers can have Frotcom information sent directly to Repsol platform through Data Feed.



Transporeon is the Transportation Management Platform for shippers, forwarders, carriers, and retailers to move, manage and monitor freight in a world in motion. Frotcom is a Premium Partner and offers a natively supported integration to Transporeon Visibility Hub with a one-click solution. You will not need an additional workload for setting up user accounts manually.

Transporeon_Frotcom_Premium Telematics Partner
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