Asset tracking

Control your trailers, containers and other assets.
Your fleet manager hangs up the phone after a long talk with yet another driver. He turns to you with a nod, confirming what you already suspected. There is a semitrailer missing.

Stories like the one above are not unheard of. Unless you have a tracking system to monitor your assets, sooner or later there’s a chance someone will forget to register where a semitrailer was uncoupled from a truck.

That’s why many companies need not only to control their vehicles, but also other valuable assets, such as semi-trailers, containers, swap bodies or freight wagons.

Frotcom is a professional, intelligent fleet management solution, designed to control your fleet’s activities. We haven’t forgotten about your assets either. Frotcom is prepared to provide you with the solutions to track and monitor your valuable assets.

Usually these assets rely on an attached vehicle to communicate their location and other activities through the vehicle’s GPS tracker. However, when you need to control these assets on their own, often there are no external power sources available nearby.

For asset tracking, Frotcom uses autonomous GPS trackers, with ultra-high capacity cell batteries, allowing them to work long periods of time without external power (up to 8 years at 1 position per day). 

The device supports two configurable modes: “24-hour tracking” and “24-hour+movement tracking”.

24-hour tracking

The device will only send a record to Frotcom’s data center every 24 hours. This mode should be used to maximize the lifetime of the battery;

24-hour + movement tracking

The device will send a record to  Frotcom’s data center  every 24 hours and also when it detects the beginning and end of a movement. Movement is detected by an internal motion sensor.
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Improve visibility and accountability of assets in the supply chain
Minimize the risk of losing an asset and its contents.
Reduce labor costs and human error with automatic asset tracking technology
Don’t simply rely on your memory to track or hunt down assets manually.
Recover stolen assets
By tracking your assets, you have a better chance of recovering stolen property.
Improve rental utilization
If you have a heavy machinery rental business, you need to be able to confirm the whereabouts of your assets to confirm compliance with the rental contract.
Certification compliance
Regulatory compliance can be met using a comprehensive asset tracking solution.

Devices and accessories

Asset tracking device
Picotrack Endurance Primary
Asset tracking device - Frotcom
This GPS tracking unit has been specifically designed for the tracking of assets: containers, semitrailers, swap bodies, etc.
Sharrcem - Kosova
Sharrcem - Kosova

"Frotcom is helping us to monitor our trailers while improving the transport process to the clients and ensuring that drivers are arriving on time."

Arian Qamili
Sales Representative
Sharrcem - Kosova