GPS vehicle tracking and sensor monitoring

The ultimate vehicle tracking tool for your fleet.

Managing your office from a vehicle would be difficult, but managing your vehicles from the office is not necessarily much easier. Unless you use the right tools.


Frotcom is a professional solution for companies wishing to monitor their fleets: road transportation companies, overnight courier services, logistics and distribution companies, companies with sales teams and field services, companies with construction machinery and vehicle rental companies, among others.

Frotcom allows you to monitor your fleet in a simple and effective way, resulting in a clear increase in productivity, margins and service quality.

A small unit containing a GPS tracker for cars, or a GPS tracker for trucks is installed in each of the fleet’s vehicles. This unit allows you to monitor the movement of all vehicles: where they are, where they were, when they began the journey, where they stopped and for how long, and so on.

With Frotcom, you can track all your vehicles 24 hours a day, with positions and sensor data received in real time. Moreover, Frotcom has numerous add-ons that include a full set of alarms and reports, workforce management, driving behavior, cost management, fuel control and automatic driver identification, among many others.

All you need to access Frotcom is an Internet connection and a web browser or Frotcom’s Fleet manager app on a smartphone. Access your fleet information in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else.

Frotcom supports electric vehicles too
Parameters such as battery charge, range (how far the vehicle can go with the current charge) or the charging status, are available and will help you determine how to best use your vehicles. 
Electric vehicles are the future, not only because they make sense economically, but also because combustion engine vehicles will have their movements very limited, especially in the vicinity of large cities. By the way, Frotcom also helps you measure the CO2 emissions of your combustion engine vehicles.

To monitor each vehicle, Frotcom uses a GPS/GPRS tracking device.

The device is connected to the vehicle’s battery (12V for most cars or 24V for trucks and other large vehicles). Power consumption is very low to avoid draining the battery of parked vehicles. 

Using any web browser or Frotcom’s Fleet Manager app for smartphones (iOS and Android), you can access every bit of information about your fleet. 

Vehicle location is shown on digital maps. Velocity, ignition and sensor data can be viewed in graphs or tables. You can attach many different sensors to the tracking device: 
● Temperature sensors
● Open-door sensors
● Fuel-level sensors
● Most digital sensors (ones with only two states: on/off, open/closed, high/low, etc.)
● Most analog sensors (ones that measure a variable that varies continuously over time)

The tracking device can also be connected to some vehicles’ data (CANBus) to read additional information such as:
● Engine RPMs
● Engine temperature
● Tacho work states (used in European trucks)

At predetermined intervals – every minute, for example – the tracking device registers and sends GPS, ignition, sensor and CANBus data to the Frotcom Data Center, using GPRS communications (included). 

Data received at the Frotcom Data Center is immediately registered and processed. Data is also scanned for possible alarm situations.

A set of reports (and the frequency at which they are generated) is defined for each user. Users will receive the requested reports by email based on these parameters.

Alarm situations are also predefined and, when triggered, increase the likelihood of an immediate response to the problem.

You can add optional accessories and services such as a navigator, a CANBus interface or a vehicle immobilizer, among many others.

Main features
● All-included real-time tracking solution
● GPRS communications
● GPS positioning
● Ignition status 
● Inputs for many different sensors (optional)
● Multi-language support
● Smartphone app for fleet managers
● Graph and table views of speed and sensor data
● Automatic reports delivered by email
● Automatic alarms by email

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Reduced costs and increased productivity

Lower fuel and maintenance costs; more services executed per month.

Improved customer service

Avoid delays, but inform customers in real time whenever delays cannot be avoided.

Better business planning

Know exactly what you can demand of your fleet, by monitoring job execution.

Increased safety

Fewer thefts, fewer accidents.

P2P transport - Slovenia

"We’ve experienced a 12% reduction in fleet costs, productivity has increased, and customer support is much easier to handle."

Mersi Sadić
Transport Manager
P2P Transport - Slovenia