Driver coaching

The closest thing to being inside the vehicle.

Imagine sitting side by side with every driver in your fleet. Imagine doing that without even leaving the office.  This is precisely what the Driver coaching module does for you.

Frotcom’s Driver coaching module provides unique insights for you to monitor how your vehicles are being driven.
You will be able to see, in real-time or in any moment in the past, how exactly each vehicle was driven.

Data collected includes* parameters such as accelerator and brake pedal position, current gear, retarder, torque, engine speed, and many others.

* The exact list of parameters depends on the vehicle’s make and model. Please contact us for more information.

The Driver coaching module starts by collecting many different types of CANBus data (through Frotcom’s Extended CANBus Collection service), on top of a second by second tracking mode (Frotcom’s Real-time tracking).
In the Driver coaching module, you have several tools to work with:

● Create Driver coaching sessions - You can select any route, executed in the past or being executed live. For these, Frotcom allows you to create the Driver coaching sessions, in which all parameters are compiled and prepared for visualization.

● Visualize the Driver coaching sessions - Once you select a session, you will see the Driver coaching panel, where you have access to multiple data for that session: vehicle positions on the map; street view; main parameters on a dash, along with averages and totals; and graphs with all the parameters.

● Time line control – You will be able to control the time line of the session like you do on any video. This allows you to focus on a certain section that you need to examine with extra detail.

● Customized graphs – You can use your own customized graphs, with up to 4 variables in each graph. This makes it very easy to visually compare several parameters at the same time (e.g. Engine speed vs. torque, or Engine speed vs. gear)

● Compare – See how different vehicles/drivers executed the same route. Based on the inspection of the driving sessions, you will be able to finally understand why some spent more fuel and others less. 

Main features
• Real-time capture of data from the vehicle (via Frotcom’s Real-time tracking mode).
• Extensive list of parameters collected, including accelerator and brake pedal position, current gear, retarder, torque, engine speed, weight, and temperature outside.
• Recording of driving sessions, based on live or past trips.
• Several tools available to analyze each driving session: map, street view, dash with various indicators, and multiple graphs.

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Train your drivers on the job with a fraction of the cost.


Know in detail how vehicles are being driven

Never before you had so much information in real-time about the exact way each vehicle is being driven.

Identify easily where driving can be improved

You will be able to identify exactly what may be incorrect in the driving style. Not purely based on statistics, but on second by second observation.

Train drivers on the job with a fraction of the cost

Frotcom’s Driver coaching is a great tool for training your drivers, and keep improving without having to train them on premise. You can coach them all without the need for expensive and unproductive training courses. Think about what this means in terms of costs and productivity.

Show your drivers what needs to be improved

You will be able to show them the “video” of exactly what happened. The exact moment and place. 

Help inexperienced drivers from a distance

Do you have inexperienced drivers? You will be able to spot immediately the less experienced ones and coach them on a daily or weekly basis. 

Reduce costs and increase productivity

By increasing the driving performance of your drivers in a consistent manner, you will be able to reduce your fleet’s fuel and maintenance costs, at the same time improving productivity.

Know what happened in case of an accident

You will be able to revisit the situation by checking on a very detailed basis (approximately once a second) the driving maneuvers at the time of the accident.

Serviroad - Frotcom

"Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenditures for fleet managers. With effective driver training, using Frotcom Driver Coaching we had improved our fuel consumption, meaning we get more fuel for our money, having a better fuel consumption."

Noé Bernardes
"TAPA" Controller and Security Advisor
Serviroad - Portugal