Fuel management

Keep fuel under control 24/7.

You can’t  find an explanation to determine why the fuel consumption of some vehicles fluctuates so much. You really need to get to the bottom of things and find out what is going on.

Fuel theft and unauthorized use is a persistent problem in many regions. 

The Fuel management module allows you to control fuel levels and fuel consumption, as well as to compare the values read by Frotcom’s sensors with the fuel data entered manually or imported from fuel cost files, in the Cost management module.

Frotcom’s Fuel management works side by side with the Cost management module. When the two work together, you can also ensure that the fuel cost notes you receive reflect real fuel consumption.

The fuel management module uses fuel level sensors in the trucks’ tanks. Frotcom can use several types and brands of fuel level sensors, with different measuring accuracy and sizes. Although Frotcom can also use the factory-fit fuel sensors, these are usually not accurate enough to detect small fluctuations of 2-5%, for instance. 

It is possible to measure the fuel levels of both tanks in a truck independently.

Frotcom permanently monitors the fuel levels of the tanks. Every fuel level fluctuation is analyzed to detect refueling and draining operations (theft or other causes of fuel loss). 

You can set alarms to immediately warn you – and the driver – whenever draining takes place.

Additionally, when working with the Cost management module, you can compare the refueled volumes with the ones reported in the fuel cost notes (receipts, fuel files, etc.).

For additional security, you can install a fuel filler security accessory in each tank, to avoid fuel theft by syphoning, while still allowing tank refilling.

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​Permanent measurement of the fuel level in tanks

You will get detailed information about all tank fueling and draining operations.

​Prevents fraud, draining and unauthorized use of fuel

By detecting all fuel level changes, you can compare real fueling volumes with the ones reported in fuel cost notes; and prevent unauthorized fuel use.

​Detect fueling in unauthorized gas stations

You can ask Frotcom to warn you whenever a vehicle is refueled in a gas station that you want to ban from your operations.

Devices and accessories

Fuel Filler Security Lid + Cabin Signaling Device
FF1- Fuel Filler Security Lid + Cabin Signaling Device

The sensor connected to one Frotcom device digital input, detects fuel capacity and triggers an event on Frotcom. Mounted on the tank lid neck, when closed, disables access to the fuel cap.

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