Remote tachograph download

Download digital tachograph files without leaving your office.

You spend a lot of time collecting data from the tachograph driver cards and from the tachograph mass memory from every one of the heavy vehicles in your company’s fleet. It’s time for your company to find an easier way to do this.

In Europe, operators of heavy vehicles are required to download the data from their tachograph driver cards and from the tachograph mass memory of each vehicle, and then to retain that data for at least one year in order to make it available to an enforcement officer if requested.

With Remote tachograph download, it is now possible for you to download tachograph files remotely, from both the tachograph’s mass memory and the drivers’ tachograph cards, without leaving the office and with the advantage of keeping the files safe at Frotcom’s Data Center.

Using the same technology, automatic driver identification is also possible by reading the number of the driver card inserted in the tachograph. This will save you the need to install additional driver identification systems.

The tachograph company card is inserted in a smart card reader that is connected to a PC at the company’s office. 

In the vehicle, the tachograph is connected to Frotcom’s GPS tracking device. 

You configure Frotcom to automatically download the tachograph files and the driver’s card files according to a certain schedule. Different periodicities can be defined for the tachograph’s data and the driver’s card data.

At the scheduled time, Frotcom contacts the tachograph and requests the data to be downloaded. 

The GPS tracking device obtains authorization to download the data from the tachograph, by retrieving the company card data.

The authorization is sent to the tracking device, which retrieves the requested data from the tachograph or from the inserted driver card. 

The tachograph or driver card data is uploaded to the Frotcom Data Center.

The data is then made available to you,  through three possible methods:
● Sent automatically (by email) to your office; 
● Downloaded manually by an operator using Frotcom’s web interface; or
● Retrieved automatically by a dedicated card reader application.

Main features
● Automatic download of vehicle tachograph file
● Automatic download of driver tachograph card file
● Automatic driver identification
● Predefined schedules for tachograph and driver card data download actions

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Comply with EU legislation.


Reduced costs / Faster and cheaper

Schedule and retrieve tachograph files without having to send someone to each vehicle, which requires manpower or subcontracting , as well as the associated costs.

Reduced downtime and increased productivity

Increase your fleet’s availability by not having to keep vehicles parked during file collecting operations.

Maintain compliance with EU legislation

Secure data download from vehicle to Frotcom, in compliance with EU regulations.

Koblar - Slovenia

“With Frotcom, we’ve gained a lot, mostly in time savings while searching different detailed information about certain driver or truck. The Remote tachograph download also saves a lot of time and is an asset in terms of logistics, as there is no need to wait for the truck to arrive at the company’s parking place as before."

Damijan Koblar
Koblar - Slovenia