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Basic features
Vehicle tracking system - Frotcom

How does the vehicle tracking system work?

A small unit containing a GPS tracker device is installed in each vehicle. The device is connected to the vehicle’s battery. This unit allows you to monitor the movement of all vehicles: where they are, where they were, when they began the journey, where they stopped and for how long. Using any web browser or Frotcom’s app for smartphones, you can access every bit of information about your fleet. ...View more
GPS tracker device installation

Will there be any drilling or damage to the vehicle to install the GPS tracker device?

No, it is not necessary to drill or damage the vehicle for the installation of the GPS tracker device.
Yes. Frotcom ensures GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance with legislation in force on data protection and privacy, having configured its processes to provide efficient replies to requests for access and consultation of personal data, as well as updates, changes, or delivery of data in a common and structur...View more

How does the Automatic Driver ID work?

Frotcom can use several different methods for automatic driver identification, such as the ibutton reader, the RFID card reader, tachograph driver cards, or the Workforce management login. Any of these allows you to keep track of which driver was assigned to any given trip.

Is there any Frotcom Partner in my country?

Please check the list of countries where Frotcom is available under section Frotcom worldwide, or contact us for information about your nearest Frotcom Partner.
Please make sure that your company uses the vehicle tracking system to track vehicles and not individuals. Always let the drivers know you are tracking the vehicles. If you follow these two rules, you should have no problem. However, to be 100% sure, please check your local legislation on vehicle tracking.

How big is the GPS tracker device?

Depending on the exact model used, units have approximately 7cm x 4cm x 2cm. Usually, the GPS tracker device is concealed, for security reasons.

How can my company apply to be a Frotcom Certified Partner?

Please fill in the form under the section Become a partner.

How is Frotcom distributed?

Frotcom is distributed in more than 40 countries across the globe, through a network of highly qualified Frotcom Certified Partners. Check all the benefits of being a Frotcom Partner and how you can become one at the section Become a partner.
Yes. Frotcom complies with the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) legislation and allows you to simplify the management of driving times within the ELD regulated limits (HOS – Hours of Service), making it easy to decide which driver can be assigned to a new task without risking violations and the resulting fin...View more

How does the fuel management system work?

The fuel management system uses fuel level sensors in the trucks’ tanks. Frotcom can use several types and brands of fuel level sensors, with different measuring accuracy and sizes. Frotcom permanently monitors the fuel levels of the tanks. Every fuel-level fluctuation is analyzed to detect refueling and draining operations (theft or other causes of fuel loss).

How does the panic button alarm work?

Panic buttons make it possible for drivers to trigger an alarm in an emergency situation. It’s a very simple procedure. While facing a threat, drivers may not be able to use their phones to call for help, but can easily press a concealed panic button without being seen by the aggressor. 

I lost my password. What now?

Please contact us. We will generate a new password for you.

What kind of alarms can we configure in Frotcom?

Frotcom offers more than 30 different types of fleet alarms, including Over Speed, Engine Temperature, Open Door, Panic button, Fuel Level, Road Usage, Area Exit, Tachograph failure, and many others. You can specify different levels of alarms and notify different people.

What type of reports does Frotcom provide?

You can choose from dozens of different report types that address all sorts of fleet-related activities. You will find summary reports that show you the fundamental information, as well as specialized fleet reports, addressing specific issues, like fuel management or driving behavior. More information about Frotcom reports is available in the View more

Does Frotcom work in all countries?

Communications are included for the national territory. Optionally, the system will work in all other countries. Please contact us for further information.

Is there any training required to become a Frotcom Certified Partner?

Yes, there is. There will be training on vehicle installation, about using Frotcom, and business information. First, your company must apply to become a Frotcom Certified Partner. Once we get your application form, we will send you all the training information. Please fill in the Application Form available in Become a partner...View more

Will other people be able to track my vehicles?

No, unless you provide them with your personal username and password.

Do I have to install software?

No. All you need to access Frotcom is an Internet connection and a web browser or Frotcom’s APP on a smartphone.

Does Frotcom work in places where there are no GSM operators (e.g. CDMA)?

No, a GSM network is necessary to send data from the vehicle to the Frotcom Data Centre.

How long does it take to install the GPS tracker device?

The installation will usually take 30 minutes or less depending on the characteristics of the vehicle. Additional accessories may require more time.
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