Nearest vehicles

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Your customer needs you to be there as soon as possible to collect a parcel. You need to select the nearest available vehicle in the fleet in order to optimize costs and arrive on time.

Whenever you need to decide which vehicle should be assigned a new job, Frotcom allows you to pick one of the nearest vehicles.

For each proposed vehicle, you will see the distance to the target location, as well as the travel time and estimated time of arrival.

Based on real-time information from the fleet, you will be able to pick the vehicle that is nearer and best suited for the job, minimizing costs and optimizing execution time for the new job.

Simply select the customer’s location on the map and choose the Nearest vehicles option. You will be given a list of the 5 vehicles closest to that location, along with their contacts, distance to location, trip time and estimated time of arrival.

For each proposed vehicle, you can see and print the itinerary.

You can also filter your results by imposing conditions on the list of recommended vehicles. For instance, you can select only vehicles of certain classes, or with certain attributes (for instance capable of transporting liquids, etc.)

Main features
● Easily locate the nearest vehicles from any location
● Know the distances, trip times and estimated time of arrival of each vehicle
● Choose the best vehicle based on distance and other conditions such as availability, vehicle class or other attributes.

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Assign new jobs with real-time information.


Minimize fuel consumption

Choose the available nearest vehicle that is best suited for the job.

Get there on time and improve customer satisfaction

You will always choose the vehicles that can execute the task on time, improving customer satisfaction.

Increase productivity

By avoiding unnecessary mileage, your drivers and vehicles will be more productive. The number of jobs per day/week will increase.

Gomes & Sousa - Portugal

"Since the company implemented Frotcom, we now know where our vehicles are in real time, and we can inform customers precisely regarding expected delivery times, or even identify the nearest vehicle to pick up goods."

Teófilo Sousa
Gomes & Sousa - Portugal