Notification of arrival

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Your van is about to arrive at its next pickup place. You would like to notify the customer a few moments beforehand so that they are prepared.

Notification of arrival is a feature included in Frotcom’s Route Planning and Monitoring module. 

You will be able to automatically notify your customers when your vehicles are about to arrive at their destinations.

This will allow your customer to be prepared, which usually results in shorter pickup and delivery times.

Whenever you assign a route to a vehicle, you can specify if a notification should be sent to the customer before arrival.

In fact, you can send notifications of arrival to other stakeholders, not just customers.

You can also determine exactly when the notification should be sent. This could be a certain time before the planned arrival, such as 5 minutes in advance, or when the vehicle is a certain distance away, such as 10 km from the destination.

Notifications can be sent by email and/or SMS.

You can specify the text or use a predefined template that you create.

Main features

  • Warn customers before your vehicles arrive at their premises
  • Notifications can be sent by email and SMS
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Keep your customers updated automatically.


Sync your operations with those of your customers
Save time by having your customers prepared for your vehicle’s arrival.
Avoid aborted operations
Sometimes, if a customer is not prepared for your arrival, an entire operation may end up being aborted. For instance, payment may not be ready or the right person may not be available. Minimize the possibility that this will happen by sending your customers notification of impending arrivals.
Improve service quality
Arrival notifications are a sign of quality service and good organization. Your customers will appreciate it.

"Knowing exactly where our trucks are and being able to predict where they will be in three hours’ time is a boon to productivity and planning. Frotcom offers fast, reliable and secure information."

Baton Hoxha
Sales Manager
Albatros Company - Kosovo