Fleet alarms

Be the first to know when something is not quite right.

One of your trucks has been stopped with its engine running for 10 min. The driver receives a notification to shut down the engine to avoid wasting fuel. Five minutes later, the engine status hasn’t changed. At this point the fleet manager is alerted to contact the driver, so as to avoid wasteful consumption.

There are numerous circumstances in which you need to react fast, when something is quite not right with vehicles in your fleet. In fact, Frotcom offers more than thirty different types of alarms that you can configure to your needs.

Among the most frequently used alarms are Area Entry and Area Exit alarms, Over Speed alarms and Idling alarms, but you will almost certainly find others that can be specifically suited to your company’s needs.

You can specify different levels of alarms and notify different people. For instance, as in the example above, you could set an initial alarm level to warn the driver and then scale up the alarm to a higher level if the situation remains unresolved.

You can configure Frotcom to notify you - or someone else - when certain situations arise involving your vehicles.

Frotcom offers more than 30 different types of alarms, including Over Speed, Engine Temperature, Open Door, Fuel Level, Road Usage, Area Exit and many others.

Every time the conditions you establish for an alarm are met, the alarm is triggered. You can be notified simply via the Frotcom interface, or also by email and SMS. Alarms can also be sent to the driver of the vehicle that triggered the alarm. This can be useful, for instance, in the event of a temperature alarm, to request that the driver quickly check the temperature in the cargo compartment and avoid damage to temperature-sensitive goods.

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Be the first to know when something is not right.


Act immediately

Sometimes you need to act immediately in order to stop a problem or prevent it from worsening.

Keep your customers happy

Avoid leaving services unfulfilled as well as late arrivals or damaged cargo by choosing the right set of alarms for your company.

Save money

By acting quickly you can avoid incurring a lot of unnecessary costs, such as unnecessary mileage and fuel consumption, undelivered services and many more.

Increase productivity

By acting quickly you can also make sure that fleet resources are used in the best possible way, maximizing productivity.

Patinter - Portugal

"Additionally, Frotcom provides a series of alarms and monitoring tools that allow us to adopt preventive management, which results in overhead cost savings."

Américo Dias
Patinter - Portugal