Fleet management reports

Everything you need to know about your fleet.
You want to know exactly how much time your trucks spent loading or unloading at each customer site. You need to know if these operations are taking too much time at some sites because you need to improve the fleet’s productivity. You run one of Frotcom’s many reports and there you have it. It’s crystal clear.

Frotcom’s fleet management reports lay out all the information you need right before your eyes. Issues for improvement are immediately pinpointed.

You can choose from dozens of different report types that address all sorts of fleet-related activities. You will find summary reports that show you the fundamental information, as well as more specialized reports addressing specific issues, like fuel management or driving behavior.

Once you choose and configure the reports, you can program Frotcom to send you those reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Frotcom continuously processes data coming from the vehicles. When you request a report, Frotcom searches all the preprocessed data and extracts the information needed to generate your report.

When you program Frotcom to send you automatic reports, these are generated and sent to you during the night, letting you know what happened in the previous period (such as the day before). As soon as you get to the office, your reports will be ready.

Main features
● Customizable reports to meet your needs
● Easy-to-read format
● Automatic reports sent by email
● Prepare different report types to be sent automatically to different positions in the company: CEO, CFO, fleet managers or others



Optimize your operations
Easily check what was performed and what needs to be corrected or improved.
Compare the fleet’s performance over time
See how your fleet’s performance is evolving and the performance indicators that you need to work on.
Keetmanshoop Municipality - Namibia
Keetmanshoop Municipality

"We've been able to reduce fuel costs by keeping track of our vehicles, consulting usage reports for the permitted period or idling times, analyzing fuel cost consumption and vehicle usage."

Desmond Basson
Keetmanshoop Municipality - Namibia