Electronic Logbook

Make sure your company complies with regulations.

Avoid unnecessary fines by registering driving and working times, and complying with the regulations. 
Drivers can now focus on their work without worrying about timekeeping, streamlining operations, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Frotcom’s Electronic Logbook, an optional module of the Frotcom Driver App, simplifies record-keeping, enhances accuracy, and ensures regulatory compliance, all while empowering your drivers with user-friendly features.

  • Track all driver activities times and the location where each one started;
  • Register the time and location of the start and finish of the daily working period;
  • Present the required information about the manufacturer of the logging app, the employer, and the driver;
  • Store the data on Frotcom Data Center for 5 years;
  • Provide the recorded information to the employer in real time;
  • Export the recorded data to the authorities.

In Frotcom’s Driver app, drivers get information about their trips, driving times, and driving behavior scores, send messages and forms to the office, receive destinations and work orders, and more.

Now, they can also register their driving and working times, complying with the regulations.

The Electronic Logbook is an intuitive user interface that lets the driver change its status manually or have it changed automatically when the app detects the vehicle has started or ended a trip. 

The app keeps a visible timer for each state and shows it in a comprehensive daily status. Additionally, the driver can check the history of the previous days. 

The fleet manager has complete access to all the activities and their duration, visible in a comprehensive report. 
If you want your drivers to start using the Electronic Logbook, request your Frotcom Certified Partner to activate the service and ask your Drivers to install the Frotcom Driver App from the smartphone* app store.

Main Features

  • Record driver activities and duration complying with Portuguese regulations;
  • Present mandatory information of the driver, the employer, and Frotcom International, as the supplier of the solution;
  • Sync all recorded information with Frotcom Data Center;
  • Full visibility and reporting of driver activities and times for the Fleet Manager.

* smartphone running Android OS version 5.0 or higher.

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Comply with legislation.


Comply with legislation

Ensure compliance with driver hours of service regulations by automating the tracking and recording of driver activities, such as driving time, rest periods, and breaks, according to industry standards and legal requirements.

Enhance safety and driver well-being

It promotes safety by ensuring that drivers adhere to regulatory requirements regarding rest periods and fatigue.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Streamline the recording and managing of driver logs, eliminating the need for manual paper-based systems and reducing the number and seriousness of mistakes.