Driver app

Engage your drivers with your business and increase driver safety and productivity.

Your drivers are a very important part of your business. It’s only fair that they get some advantages from a fleet management solution.

The Driver app gives your drivers information about each trip they made, including the driving behavior.

The Driver app helps you retain your best drivers by engaging them with your organization and providing them with the tools they need to work safely and efficiently.

By providing this information to drivers, they will have exactly the same information as seen by you in the office, about which paths they took, their mileage trip by trip, fuel consumption and driving score, among others.

Additionally, drivers will have better control of their privacy. If your company allows the use of the fleet’s vehicles for personal trips, drivers can specify which trips are private. Overall data will continue to be collected, however, the detailed trips will not (this is a GDPR requirement).
Frotcom’s Driver app helps your drivers answer the following questions:

  1. What can I do to improve my driving safety?
  2. Can I control my own privacy?
  3. How is my driving safety evolving over time?
  4. What is the average fuel efficiency of my trips? And how can I improve?
  5. How many kms/miles did I travel?
  6. What was the total driving time?

Once your company decides to make Frotcom’s Driver app available to your drivers, it is actually quite simple.
First, you need to set up in the Administration section which drivers you want to give access to, as well as which functions will be available (Trips, Driving Behavior and/or Privacy Mode).

The Driver app is available for download in Google’s Play Store. Drivers must download it onto their phones.

Then, your drivers will receive on their Android Smartphones an SMS with the initial username and code which they will use to register for the first time. After that, drivers will define their own passwords.

The app is actually quite simple and straightforward to use. It will automatically collect data from Frotcom’s Data Center, when available, and make it available through a nice set of maps, charts, and lists.

Note: The driver app requires the use of mobile data. Although consumption is low, make sure your drivers use a company data plan or are informed of the potential additional cost with communications.

Main features

  • Select Vehicles and Assets
  • Information on executed trips:
    • Route and distance
    • Start and end times, duration
    • Driving time, stop duration, and idling time
    • Average and maximum speed
    • Maximum RPM
    • Fuel consumption (if available)
  • Create a place in Frotcom based on your current location
  • Driving Times, Regular and Reduced Daily Rest Periods, Breaks and Amplitude (based on EC 561)
  • Electronic Logbook module
  • Driving score evolution
  • Activation/deactivation of Privacy mode
  • Conversations - option for the drivers to communicate with the Office, Departments, Segments, and other Drivers
  • Generic forms  - Drivers can send, save, and review Generic forms exchanged with the Office.
  • Jobs - Fleet Managers can send work orders, services, or freights to the drivers, depending on your company's activity
  • Task forms - forms associated with specific tasks
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Engage your drivers with your business.


Improve your drivers' safety

Your drivers will have direct access to their own trips history and performance. They will immediately see when and how their driving can be improved to improve driving safety and lower fuel consumption.

Keep information safe

Access to information is always controlled according to your company’s policy. You decide which options are available and for which drivers, so you can keep your cards closer to your chest or follow an open book strategy. It’s up to you.

Dynamic feed of information

Information on each trip is made available to drivers shortly after the trip ends. Immediately after the end of the trip is the perfect moment for your drivers to check the app.

Engage your drivers in your business' goals and reward their achievements

You no longer need to wait until the end of the month to hand out to your drivers those driving behavior reports with the recommended improvements. With the Driver app, your drivers will have almost immediate feedback, including a set of recommendations based on the observed driving behavior. 

Comply with legislation

The Electronic Logbook module introduces a way to record the driver's daily activities, similar to a tachograph, to keep compliance with the latest Portuguese legislation.