Text communication with drivers

Be clear and avoid misunderstandings.

Calling drivers? Sure, that is often the only way, especially in urgent matters. But text messages have several advantages when you need to transmit information in a clear and concise way.

At Frotcom, there are numerous ways to communicate with drivers, from simple text messages to the delivery of job instructions.

Frotcom’s text messaging channels also allow you to select several drivers simultaneously and send a single message to all of them.

As long as your company policy permits it, Frotcom’s messaging system allows drivers to exchange text messages among themselves, which can be beneficial at times when cooperation between drivers can help solve problems.

Depending on your objectives, you can opt for one of several different text communication channels:

Integrated navigation
In this case, text messages are sent from the office to onboard navigation devices. Drivers also use these devices to send text messages to the office and to one another (when permitted by your company).
In addition text messages and map navigation, onboard navigators are also used to send destinations to  drivers, along with corresponding instructions.

Workforce management
In this case, text messages are sent from the office to the Android tablet devices in the vehicles. Drivers use these to navigate, to receive jobs dispatched to them from the office, to fill in forms and to notify the office about the progression of the services they are conducting.

Driver App
The Conversation module of the Driver app provides you with an easy-to-use environment to stay in touch with your drivers since it allows them to communicate with both the office and other drivers.

Two alternative methods
Alternatively, you can also opt to use one of the following channels: a) SMS messages sent from Frotcom and delivered to drivers’ mobile phones; b) email messages, again sent from the office and delivered to the drivers’ smartphones via email. In both cases, drivers are also able to reply to the office using the same channels.

In Frotcom, select the vehicles or drivers you want to send a message to. You can write a new message from scratch or pick one of your frequent messages. Then send it. That’s it. You will be notified when your messages are delivered.

Drivers will be able to reply to your messages and also create new messages. As long as your company permits it, they will also be able to exchange text messages among themselves.

All messages, in and out, are kept in Frotcom for later consultation if needed.

Depending on your choice, messages can be sent to Android tablets, onboard navigation devices (Garmin devices compatible with the FMI protocol), smartphones, Driver app, or simple phones (SMS).

Main features

● In the office: send text messages in a simple and quick way
● In the office: send a single message to several drivers
● In the office: save and reuse frequent messages
● In the office: get confirmation that your message has been delivered
● In the office: get immediate notification when new messages arrive
● In the vehicle: reply to a message or write a new message
● In the vehicle: send a text message to other drivers (if permitted)

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Reduce communication costs and misunderstandings.


Be more efficient

By using text messages, you can be more direct and efficient. There is no need to wait for good coverage or for your drivers to take calls, especially if they are driving. And when you need to share some information, select the target drivers and text them all with a single click.

Clearer information

Spelling out a client’s contact name or address is not very practical, especially when coverage or sound are not so good. Written messages are clearer.

Lower communication costs

This is especially important when roaming communication costs are involved. Text messages will be far cheaper than spending minutes on the phone. Note that most text communication channels in Frotcom have a flat fee (not applicable to SMS messages only). You can use as many text messages per month as you’d like, and it will not affect your monthly bill.

Evro Sped - Macedonia

"Through the integrated navigation the communication with our drivers became simpler, clearer and more economic."

Zoran Gjorchev
Evro Šped - North Macedonia