Frotcom TV

Your company’s own TV channel.

A potential customer visits to find out if your services are as excellent as you claim. You want to impress them. That’s why you have a big screen on your meeting room wall, featuring your own TV network, showing the current information on your fleet and the company. 

Frotcom TV is a phenomenal breakthrough in vehicle tracking. Based on a TV newscast format and providing panoramic street views, it puts you in the seat next to the driver. Once you use Frotcom TV, there’s no looking back.

This amazing technology is a reality. And it’s not just about impressing visitors. Install the big screen in your dispatch room so anyone can watch each trip's progress. It’s just like being in the passenger seat.

Designed for a large screen, with Frotcom TV you’ll be informed in real-time of events taking place in your fleet. See everything without moving a muscle! Just sit back and watch.

Frotcom TV creates a dedicated TV channel for your company. It not only features news about your fleet, but any additional news sources you select, such as BBC, Financial Times, or any others, provided they have RSS (a common internet standard for news feeds).

In addition to displaying your fleet’s news and other news pre-selected by you, Frotcom TV constantly cycles through the vehicles in your fleet as significant events occur: a triggered alarm or arrival at the destination are two examples, but you can select other events as well.

One of the nicest features of Frotcom TV is the ability to display 360-degree panoramic views surrounding the vehicle. It really is the closest thing to being there yourself!
You will also have access to some of the fleet’s key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the estimated daily costs, the number of alarms triggered, the number of visits (for example to customers), the current occupancy or workload, etc.

Main features
● A non-stop newscast featuring news about your fleet, company, and any other news source you wish to add.
● Completely automatic. No human intervention is needed.
● Great to display on a big screen at the office
● You can configure what you want to see as news: alarms, vehicle arrival, etc.

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Readily available information

Follow every move your fleet makes on a large screen. No need to search for information; it’s always available.

​Impress your visitors

Once your visitors and customers see the state of the art technology provided by Frotcom TV, they will want to work with you.

Devolli corporation - Kosova

"The Devolli Corporation has established a Monitoring Room that enables the fleet management team to track all of their vehicles in real time, thanks to Frotcom TV."

Ardita Mullazenuni
Fleet Manager
Devolli Corporation - Kosovo