Integration with TIS-Web®

Automatically transfer and analyze your tacho files.
Do you already have a TIS-Web® account which you use to store and analyze tachograph files? Perfect, Frotcom can download the files from your vehicles and store a copy in your TIS-Web® account.

You still do not have a TIS-Web® account? No problem, we will create one for you.

Now you can benefit from Frotcom and TIS-Web® partnership to help you keep all tacho files under control.
Frotcom will automatically recognize when a new tacho file (vehicle or driver) was downloaded from the vehicle. Then, it will immediately send a copy of that file to your TIS-Web® account, where you can analyze it.

Every time Frotcom detects the presence of a new DDD file downloaded from the vehicle, it will verify if your account has activated the transfer service to TIS-Web®. If that is the case, a copy of the downloaded file will automatically be sent to TIS-Web®’s servers, to your account.

Frotcom’s Integration with TIS-Web® helps you by:
  1. Providing available driving-times, in real-time (inside Frotcom)
  2. Automatically downloading tacho files wherever your vehicles are
  3. Avoiding the hassle of manually downloading and sending files for analysis
  4. Ensuring compliance with regulation EC-561 and the corresponding national directives, by fulfilling the legal requirements for tacho data archiving.
  5. Making sure no files are left behind
  6. Allowing you to examine your tacho files in TIS-Web®, where you can manage driving and rest periods and remaining driving time, safely and efficiently.
Once your company decides to link Frotcom to TIS-Web®, it’s a simple process.

First, ask your Frotcom Certified Provider to activate the link between your Frotcom account and your TIS-Web® account.

If you still do not have a TIS-Web® account, we can create one for you, no problem.

You will be able to select for which vehicles the files transfer service will be executed. Normally, this will be all the vehicles with a tachograph.

Once the setup is done, Frotcom will permanently keep an eye on newly downloaded tacho files (vehicle and driver files). As soon as a new file is downloaded by Frotcom from a vehicle’s tachograph, a copy of the file will be sent to your TIS-Web® account.

Another copy of the file is also kept in Frotcom, as usual.

Whenever you want, you can login to your TIS-Web® account and analyze your files. Use a web interface, or a smartphone app. Or get the analysis sent to you by email on regular intervals.

Main features

  • Automatic download and storage of tacho files (vehicle and driver DDD files).
  • Complete analysis of DDD files in TIS-Web®
  • Web and APP interfaces
  • DTCO 4.0 ready (Smart Tachograps)
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Keep all tacho files under control.


Keep all tacho files under control
Tachograph data must be kept for a period of one year and back-ups must be taken. You will have all tacho files sent automatically to TIS-Web®  for analysis and archiving.  With Frotcom and VDO you can rest assured that all files are stored and kept safely.
Analyze tacho files from anywhere
Because TIS-Web® is a cloud-based solution, you will be able to analyze data from anywhere, including through the use of a smartphone app. 
Check compliance with regulatory requirements at the push of a button
TIS-Web®’s interface is extremely easy to use. You will be able to check that all the required downloads have been carried out, analyze data in multiple dimensions through a set of tools including graphs, alerts and others.  Most importantly, regular analysis reports are automatically generated so you can take prompt action (e.g. driver working times and violations.)
Keep information safe
Access to information is always controlled according to your company’s policy, by providing access only to the people in your company that are entitled to.
Serma - Spain
Serma - Spain

"Frotcom has proved to be a reliable and professional partner with highly effective solutions."

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Head of After Sales Service
Serma - Spain