Panic button alert

Simple, but it might make all the difference one day.

Simultaneous alarm messages on your computer and mobile phone leave no room for doubt: your driver has pressed his panic button. You try to call him, but his phone is dead. Fortunately, you have another vehicle in the vicinity, which you redirect immediately to the location where the panic button was activated. Help is on the way.

Drivers are often in a vulnerable position due to being lone workers. Your company has to minimize their risk.

Panic buttons make it possible for your drivers to trigger an alarm in an emergency situation, which can give them, not to mention you, peace of mind. 

It’s a very simple procedure that can prove to be invaluable in a distress situation. While facing a threat, drivers may not be able to use their phones to call for help. But a concealed panic button can easily be pressed without being seen by the aggressor. 

A panic button is like an insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it, but it’s good to have it if the need arises.

As soon as the driver presses the panic button, an alarm will be received at the Frotcom Data Center.

From there, depending on the settings you select, alarms will be broadcast by email and SMS to destinations of your choice. 

The alarm, which is also registered in Frotcom for future reference, includes information about the vehicle, the driver, the time the button was pressed and the location where the incident occurred. With this information, you can try to contact the driver or send another vehicle or the authorities to the vehicle’s exact location. 

The panic button is usually installed within easy reach of the driver without being clearly visible to a possible aggressor in the cabin.

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Don't wait for an emergency.


Protect your drivers

It’s a simple procedure that can matter a lot in case of an emergency.

Enhance your company’s duty of care

Your company is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for its drivers. A panic button is another step in that direction.

Devices and accessories

Panic Button
Panic button - IBP-1

This panic button is discretely installed in the vehicle’s

dashboard. Pressing it will generate a distress alert.

Inter-Adaks - Slovenia

"Since we started using Frotcom we reduced the need to contact drivers, decreased communication fees and increased drivers’ security."

Andrej Štajdohar
Inter Adaks - Slovenia