API (integration with external software)

Full integration with your back-office applications.

Your human resources department needs a way to extract from Frotcom a list of mileages per driver, per month. They don’t want to exchange an endless number of Excel files. They want to click a button in your HR software and import the mileage for each driver. It’s as simple as that.

Once you have your fleet management data in Frotcom, you may need it to interact with other applications. That’s a job for Frotcom’s API.

For instance, if you want to integrate Frotcom with your HR software, like in the example above, or with your billing software for justification of customer invoices, or ERP software for importing routes and jobs, Frotcom’s API is ready.

Frotcom on a Google Sheet

If you have some knowledge of Frotcom’s API and are not a stranger to scripting either, you need to check this out. Now you can have your company’s Frotcom data on a spreadsheet and use it the way you like.

Frotcom on a Google Sheet is a convenient way for you to get data from Frotcom into a spreadsheet. With this, you will be able to analyze data, create reports, etc. 

In fact, you can even use Frotcom on a Google Sheet to enter information in Frotcom, for instance, to enter jobs, assign drivers or change driver status. Imagination is the only limit!

In order to use Frotcom on a Google Sheet, you don’t have to be a professional programmer. However, you are expected to have some basic notions of APIs, scripting, and programming languages.


The API is a set of resources for extracting data received from the vehicles, such as positions, speeds, alarms, trips, etc.

In the opposite direction, external applications can send data to Frotcom, such as new jobs to be assigned to vehicles, or messages to be sent to drivers.

Your IT department or IT provider will have access to all required resources, including authentication, data retrieval, data updates, data insertion, and data deletion.

The API uses a RESTful design and is self-documented online.

For instructions about how to use Frotcom on a Google Sheet, visit Frotcom’s Help Center.


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Increase productivity

By integrating Frotcom with your back-office software, you make sure that no one has to retype information, so you can keep your office employees executing other tasks where they can actually add more value to the business.

Fewer human errors

By not having a human interface between Frotcom and your back-office software, you avoid errors that frequently happen when information is retyped.


Finally, you can make sure that as your business grows, and more services, drivers and vehicles are involved, you do not need to hire more people to keep up with the additional flow of information.

Autocares Julià - Spain

"Thanks to ERP integration, day-to-day operations suffered minimal impact and allowed the company to retain its existing business processes."

Jaume Tarrida
Deputy Director of Operations
Autocares Julià - Spain