Remote vehicle immobilization

Your remote anti-theft button.

Your vehicle was stolen. You immediately call the police. Although you can track the vehicle through Frotcom, you want to block it immediately before it gets out of reach.

Do you need a way to block your vehicle in case of theft? Frotcom’s Immobilizer allows you to block your vehicle in case of theft.

For each vehicle, you will be given a unique code that will allow you to block and unblock the system. Use it either through Frotcom’s web interface or through Frotcom’s smartphone app.

For security reasons, the vehicle's immobilization will only occur once the vehicle is parked and the ignition is turned off. When that occurs, immobilization will take place immediately. 

From that moment on, trying to turn the engine on again will have no effect. The driver cannot restart the vehicle until you send another command with the unblocking code. 

Add the “GPS Controlled” sticker to your vehicle, to discourage thieves. This is as important as the installation of the immobilizer itself.

An immobilizer (control switch) connected to the vehicle’s ignition circuit is controlled from a digital output in Frotcom’s GPS tracking device. 

When you  or another authorized person issues the immobilization command, the switch is opened. This then cuts off the electric circuit to the starter. As a consequence, if the driver tries to turn the key to restart the engine, nothing will happen.

Once an “antidote” command is sent to the device, the switch will close again, allowing the current from the car battery to reach the starter. When the driver turns the key again, the engine will start.

For security reasons, the immobilizer does not have any impact on a vehicle while it is running. The only effect will be to disable the driver’s capacity to restart the engine, once the ignition is turned OFF.

Main features
● Unique code for each vehicle
● Does not interfere with driving (not dangerous)
● Simple installation

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Increase the safety of your fleet.


Act immediately

Block a stolen vehicle from your own mobile phone, using Frotcom’s app, or from the web interface.

Save money

Increase the chances of a stolen vehicle being recovered before thieves damage it or steal its cargo. In addition, you can discuss insurance conditions with your insurance company. You might discover you are eligible for lower insurance rates with an immobilizer installed in your vehicle.

Increase safety

In case of a carjacking, your drivers should not resist. Just hand over the keys. You will be able to monitor the situation from a safe distance.

Sonoco - Guinea

"Fuel management and vehicle tracking have substantially improved our delivery times. We're even planning to use additional Frotcom features that will help us take fleet management and security to another level."

Kerfala Camara
Logistics Manager
Sonoco - Guinea