Vehicle access control system

You decide who gets in and what comes out.

You find out at the delivery point that part of your cargo is missing. You don’t know where, when or how it went missing. The lock on the door of the semitrailer seems to have been tampered with. You will have to indemnify your customer, who is obviously quite upset.

Situations like the one above can be very frustrating and harmful to your company, not only financially, but also because they undermine customers’ trust in your business.

With Frotcom’s Access control you can secure access to your vehicle’s cargo.

A door sensor is attached to each door of your semitrailer or van. Every time a door is opened or closed, Frotcom immediately detects it and updates the cargo door status for that vehicle.

Additionally, you can configure Frotcom to send you a notification whenever the door is opened outside of permitted places. For instance, you can establish that the door can only be opened at your warehouse and at the customers’ delivery points. Any action that opens a door outside of those locations will trigger an alarm and send you instant notification.

You can receive this notification by email or SMS (optional) and react immediately. You will also be able to see on the map where the door was opened.

Each door sensor is made up of two parts: a magnet and a switch. The magnet is attached to the door. The switch is attached to the door frame.

Depending on the relative position of the magnet and switch, the switch will open or close as the door does. This allows the detection of the door being opened or closed.

Once the switch is wired to an input within the Frotcom GPS tracking device, these changes will be detected and communicated to Frotcom’s Data Center.

Alternatively, you can also install a wireless version, in which communication between the door sensor and the GPS tracking device is established by radio–frequency (RF), using a wireless transmitter attached to the door sensor and a wireless receiver attached to the GPS tracker. This makes installation and maintenance considerably easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Once the door sensor information arrives to Frotcom’s Data Center, Frotcom will update the door open status for that vehicle and check for any alarm conditions you may have set.

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Prevent cargo theft.


Act immediately

You and the driver may receive immediate alerts when a door is opened outside permitted locations, allowing you or the driver to react and avoid losses.

Increase the quality of service offered to customers

Avoid cargo being stolen or damaged, as well as troubled deliveries.

Save money

You won’t have to replace stolen goods or indemnify customers.

Easy installation and zero-maintenance (wireless version)

No wiring that can become damaged or broken; retro-fitting simple and cost-effective.

Devices and accessories

Door sensor (wired version)
door open sensor

The open door sensor uses a magnetic switch to immediately detect when the cargo compartment door is opened.

Door sensor and transmitter (wireless version)
Wireless door open sensor - Access control - Frotcom

This wireless version of the open door sensor is much easier and faster to install. It uses radio frequency to transmit the status of the door.

Sharrcem - Kosova

"Frotcom is helping us to monitor our trailers while improving the transport process to the clients and ensuring that drivers are arriving on time."

Arian Qamili
Sales Representative
Sharrcem - Kosovo