Road transportation

Trucking or haulage companies perform road transport of cargo. The management of their fleets is absolutely mandatory in order to keep costs under control and be competitive in the market.

Road transportation services are executed by trucking or haulage companies, either independently – working directly for the client – or through freight carriers or shipping agents. Vehicles are commonly composed of a tractor unit and an attached semi-trailer.

There are usually very strict regulations on the operation of these vehicles, including transport of hazardous materials and limits on driving times in Europe (hours of service in the US).

Due to the high fuel consumption of these vehicles, trucking companies pay particular attention to all factors that can influence consumption, including driving behavior, route optimization, idling times and fuel theft.

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Dyrrahsped - Albania

With Frotcom, we were able to identify the vehicles with the engine running during unloads, which were the cause of high costs for the company. Overall, we reduced idling times by 50%.

Mentor Markja
Dyrrahsped’s Operational Manager
Dyrrahsped - Albania
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