A fleet is a very significant source of costs for a company. Minimizing these costs will definitely improve your company's profitability. Most of a fleet’s operational costs can be controlled and usually reduced by using intelligent fleet management tools. In particular, all the following costs can be minimized by using Frotcom:

Fuel, maintenance and tire wear

This is the largest source of operational costs in a fleet, especially in a fleet of trucks where the average fuel consumption and monthly mileage are higher than those of lighter vehicles.

To reduce these costs, you need to:

  • Plan each vehicle’s route in the best possible way in order to minimize mileage
  • Monitor route execution in order to make sure the driver is following your plan
  • Monitor and analyze driving behavior in order to avoid harsh driving habits which can significantly increase fuel consumption
  • Control all operations concerning fuel, including refueling and detection of fuel theft

When you properly plan and execute each trip, the effect on fuel costs alone can be quite significant, with reductions amounting to around 5-7% in fuel consumption. By the end of the month, this adds up considerably.

Last but not least, Frotcom can also help you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing mileage and improving driving behavior. 

Solution – Control your fleets opereational costs


Your company has specific rules to avoid unnecessary toll costs when there are alternative free roads that can be used instead. However, your company rules are not always followed by all drivers.

You need to be able to detect these circumstances immediately and contact your drivers to correct their course and avoid running up costs that should not be incurred in the first place.

Speeding tickets, accidents and insurance

Let’s face it, sometimes your drivers may be under pressure to arrive on time and they feel compelled to drive a little bit too fast. It is, however, in their and your company’s best interest that this does not happen.

It’s not just the risk of getting a ticket from the police. It’s the risk of a serious accident occurring.

You need to be able to detect and register these speed excesses and take all necessary measures to make sure they do not persist, thereby avoiding the corresponding costs and possibly tragic consequences.

Additionally, in the event something happens, be it a speeding ticket or an accident, you want to be able to check under which circumstances it occurred. Having access to the past history of locations and speeds is paramount.

Driving time violation tickets (tachograph)

Driving times must comply with the limits imposed by your local legislation. For instance, driving times for truck driving in Europe must comply with Regulation (EC) No 561/2006, which imposes several rules on driving times and rest times.

Because you need to make sure that your company is complying with these rules, you must monitor these times for all drivers. Not only that, you also need to know whether or not a new service can be assigned to a driver who may be running out of available driving time. If you keep driving times within the limits imposed by your legislation, you’ll avoid those violation tickets.

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"We’ve experienced a 12% reduction in fleet costs, productivity has increased, and customer support is much easier to handle."

Mersi Sadić
Transport Manager
P2P Transport - Slovenia

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