Because your business is growing, you need to add more vehicles to your fleet and hire more drivers. But how can you do that without losing control and without having to hire several new fleet managers?  How do you ensure that your business model is scalable? We know what you’re going through. Here's what you should do: 

Stop the growing pains

In the beginning there was just one person responsible for managing the whole fleet, but that was no longer possible once the fleet started to grow. So you not only hired more drivers, but you also hired more fleet managers. However, it still doesn’t seem to be enough. 

You started having communication issues between drivers and fleet managers. Misunderstandings. Customer complaints. You need professional help.

Solution – Scale up your operations

The solution that helps you grow

Basically, you need to find a common platform that both facilitates and keeps a record of communication: a platform that can share information between fleet managers, when needed, while at the same time allowing you to assign specific groups of vehicles to specific fleet managers, depending on their functions and responsibilities.

A platform that allows you to both control your fleet’s activity and notify your customers when vehicles are about to arrive.

A platform that can be integrated with other software solutions already in place at your company, be it invoicing software, ERP, route planning or human resources packages. The last thing you need is to have software solutions that do not “speak” to each other, which would require human intervention to collect data from one place and input it elsewhere. Not only is this time consuming, it inevitably results in human error and subsequent losses in productivity and profitability.

A platform that will help you answer strategic questions, such as “Where should we build our new warehouse?” In other words, where is the optimal geographic location that minimizes mileage for your vehicles?

In a nutshell, you need a solution that can help you grow your company, and that grows with your company.

Only then will you have a truly scalable business model that does not depend entirely on the knowledge of promoters or other parties.

Epiphaniou - Cyprus

"With Frotcom, and other improvements made in our company, we have already saved up to 35% in fuel costs."

Petros Kerkides
Logistics Manager
Phanos N. Epiphaniou - Cyprus

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