In today's business world, competition is fierce. Now more than ever, you need to focus your efforts on exceptional customer service.  Provide a consistent, top-notch service to keep your customers happy.  Here’s what you need to achieve superior service quality:

Be price-competitive

In today’s competitive market, one of your main challenges is to keep your prices as competitive as possible, in order to avoid losing customers to your competitors. But of course that doesn’t mean you have to lose money.

The only way to stay price-competitive is to keep your costs as low as possible. 

Solution – Provide a good service to your customers

Be flexible in the services you provide

It is sometimes necessary to adapt to circumstances. For instance, a customer may ask you for a service when your day is already planned out otherwise. You need tools that allow you to accept the service, communicate clearly the changes to the corresponding drivers and, finally, deliver the service on time without affecting other services, disrupting organization or upsetting other customers.

By using such tools, you are able to accept more services, satisfy your customers and make more money in the process.

Keep your customers updated on the current status of the service you are providing

If you want to provide an excellent service, keep your customers informed about the status of the services you provide them with. The unknown can be a cause of stress, so reduce your customers’ anxiety levels by giving them a permanent window to your services. 

For example, you can activate tracking tickets for some of your customers: these are special permissions that allow them to directly track the vehicles executing their services. Or you can configure Frotcom to send emails or text messages to your customers when your vehicles are about to arrive at their location.

Deliver as promised, even when something goes wrong

The last thing customers want to hear is excuses. “I understand your truck had an accident, and I’m sorry about that, but I need my goods here before 7pm sharp as you promised, otherwise my production will stop and I’ll miss my deadline.”

What do you do? You need to quickly think of alternatives. You need to know which other vehicle can pick up that cargo and deliver it to the customer. You need to know which is the nearest available truck, check the driver’s accumulated driving times – to make sure he or she can still do it today – and then reassign the job to that driver.

Your customers will be used to you delivering services on time, even if they are unaware of the small miracles you have to perform every day in order to pull it off. It’s ok…

Autotransporti Campa - Slovenia

"Using Frotcom’s tracking tickets, the company provides its clients with the location of their freight in real time and other relevant information related to their cargo."

Gregor Čampa
Managing Director
Autotransporti Čampa - Slovenia

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Provide a good service to your customers.