Sometimes you need to know exactly what happened during a past trip involving a certain cargo or service, because you received a customer complaint or a speeding ticket. You need to trace the operation back to its very beginning.  Here are the most common questions that you need to be able to answer for full traceability:

Who was the driver for a given trip?

Many companies, in order to maximize productivity and reduce costs, assign different drivers to different vehicles. This is very common, for instance, in international road transportation.

The first think you need to know is: who is driving each vehicle?

In most cases, especially when drivers are changed frequently, some form of automatic identification is required.

With Frotcom you have a choice of several methods to automatically identify a driver. The most common of these comes in the form of a small plastic unique identifier - the iButton. Once this identifier is held up to the reader inside the vehicle, the associated driver’s unique number is automatically registered.

This way you always know which driver was behind the wheel for a given trip.

Solution – Provide operation traceability

Under what conditions was the service executed?

This question can be related to several different variables, of course.

If you want to check whether or not a policeman has correctly given your vehicle a speeding ticket, first you want to know if the vehicle was there, and then at what speed it was travelling.

If a customer refuses to accept a palette of frozen food because of high humidity within the containers, which shows they were transported for some time at temperatures above the prescribed maximum, you’ll doubtless want to double check the temperatures registered during the trip since the palette left the refrigerated warehouse. Maybe the thermostat on the refrigerated trailer was malfunctioning.

Perhaps someone calls your office saying that a certain vehicle was being driven in an improper and dangerous way. You’ll of course need to check if this vehicle was really being driven inappropriately and act accordingly. 

What were the times of arrival and departure

This can be useful when you want to confirm whether or not a vehicle arrived within the pre-assigned time window. Perhaps as a result the vehicle missed its assigned unloading time slot, or maybe the client is complaining that their own operations are now in jeopardy due to the late arrival of your vehicle.

Sometimes you may also want to know why a vehicle that was supposed to unload its cargo at a client’s location had to wait there for so long. This compromises your fleet’s productivity, and you need to assemble enough evidence that it happens frequently at that client’s premises, before checking  if and how these waiting times can be reduced.

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