A really bad day at the office is when you find out that one of your drivers has had an accident, let alone stolen vehicles, fuel or cargo.  Here’s what you need to keep your fleet safe:

Drivers and passengers safety

Road incidents can have a very negative impact on a company’s operations, profitability and even image, but more importantly they can lead to possible casualties or even deaths.

This is by far the main reason why companies look for ways to increase safety in their fleets’ operations. Traffic accidents have a substantial impact in the workplace. 

The risks of having an accident are always present, of course, but there are recommended practices to minimize those risks. The first of these is a safety-oriented company culture, as well as adequate training and qualification of the drivers. Additionally, the use of appropriate driving behavior monitoring and analysis, as well as driving times monitoring and speeding alarms, can be immensely helpful in minimizing those risks. Have in mind that poor driving behavior causes 90 % of vehicle accidents. So, if you can monitor and fight poor driving behavior (by detecting aggressive driving and avoiding excessive driving times and resulting fatigue), you will be able to reduce the probability of accidents involving your drivers and vehicles.

Solution – Increase safety

Vehicles and assets safety

Vehicles can be subject to a great many risks, but two of the main risks are vehicle theft and mechanical damage due to aggressive driving. 

As for assets such as semitrailers or containers, you need to know exactly where they are and where they’ve been. It is not uncommon for companies to completely lose track of the whereabouts of this type of asset. 

In case one of your vehicles or assets (semitrailer, container, swap body or other asset) is stolen, you want to be able to maximize the chances of quickly recovering that vehicle and its cargo. 

You also want to minimize the impact of reckless driving on your vehicles: not only the effect of eventual accidents, but also wear and tear due to harsh acceleration, braking, excessive RPMs, etc.

Cargo and materials safety

The goods or materials being transported  need to be protected against theft and improper manipulation or transportation conditions. 

In order to keep your cargo and materials safe, you may need to monitor not only access to the cargo, but also the conditions under which the cargo is being transported. For instance, food and beverages as well as pharmaceutical products, must be transported, handled and stored in a manner that mitigates the risk of exposure to temperatures outside labelled storage conditions, which would potentially result in very high losses or damage claims from your clients. 

In such cases you would need to monitor also temperature, from the moment each vehicle departs until the goods are delivered.

Moreover, in the event a vehicle is stolen, you want to be able to locate it and recover it as soon as possible, in order to avoid losing the cargo.

Fuel safety

Fuel thefts are unfortunately something to be cautious of. The price of fuel and the relatively easy access to the fuel tank, as well as simple syphoning and other alternative and very imaginative theft techniques, expose many companies to frequent fuel theft. 

Deviated fuel from the tanks of trucks is a huge source of costs to companies, with some estimates pointing towards more than USD 2 billion a year in the United States trucking industry alone.

To combat this, there are methods and accessories for monitoring the fuel level in the tank, as well as comparing the volume of fuel added to the tank with the one displayed on the gas station receipt.

Although it is not always easy to detect fuel theft, especially when the theft involves a very gradual deviation of gas from the vehicle’s tank, some monitoring methods and accessories can efficiently prevent theft techniques and reduce the probability of such thefts remaining unnoticed.

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