Passenger land transport

Public transport of passengers is characterized by scheduled services on fixed routes. How these fleets are managed has an impact on customer satisfaction.

Fleet management of passenger land transport is used to monitor the execution of predefined routes by assigned buses. This includes monitoring departure and arrival times, notifying passengers of expected arrival times, as well as monitoring driving behavior. 

Fleet management therefore has a strong impact on customer service and safety, as well as on the reduction of fuel costs, by avoiding aggressive driving styles.

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Dyrrahsped - Albania

With Frotcom, we were able to identify the vehicles with the engine running during unloads, which were the cause of high costs for the company. Overall, we reduced idling times by 50%.

Mentor Markja
Dyrrahsped’s Operational Manager
Dyrrahsped - Albania

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Passenger land transport
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Passenger land transport
Passenger land transport
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Passenger land transport
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