Frotcom Scheduler

An advanced planning tool to optimize the use of your fleet.
You have a fleet of vans used to deliver pharmaceutical drugs to pharmacies.

There are 200 pharmacies spread out in your region. Different pharmacies have ordered different products and present different restrictions, such as delivery-time windows.

What is the most efficient way to match pharmacies and vans in order to comply with restrictions and minimize costs?
Frotcom’s Scheduler generates the routes for each of your vehicles so that the total cost of your operation is minimized. You can reduce mileage, the time taken and the number of vehicles used, while exceeding your customer's expectations.

This module is completely integrated with Frotcom, allowing you to not only generate the routing plan for your vehicles but also to check its execution and receive warnings whenever the estimated time of arrival predicts a delay.

Scheduler helps you answer the following questions:
  • What is the best allocation of jobs or deliveries to which vehicles, while complying with delivery-time windows and still minimizing costs associated with mileage, and fuel-related costs?
  • How many vehicles do you really need and how many should be subcontracted when needed?
  • Can you deliver within the required delivery-time windows? If not, which ones must be left out? Which customer do you need to proactively reschedule?
Scheduler chooses the best possible assignment of jobs to vehicles, using the following possibilities:

● Versatile settings  – Each vehicle can be characterized in terms of capacity, cost per day and/or cost per mile. You can add extra attributes to vehicles by using tags. This allows you to restrict the vehicles that can visit certain clients. You can also characterize your operations in terms of time to load and time to unload, which can be location-dependent. 

● Multiple suppliers  – If you are in the logistics business and transport products from different suppliers, you can specify different service-level agreements (SLAs) for each supplier. For instance, you can specify different penalties for late and missed deliveries when your vehicles miss the predetermined time windows for each supplier.

● Compatibility with EC561 or other restrictions on maximum driving times – Scheduler takes maximum driving times into consideration so that your plan can be executed without infringing the law or imposing long driving times on your drivers. 

● Export your plan and other data – You can export your plan via the API to your ERP system or simply in Excel format.

● Import jobs and other data – You can import the list of jobs to be planned from a simple Excel spreadsheet or by using Frotcom’s API, in case you want to read the data from your ERP system, for instance.

● View the plan in several formats  – You can see the results of your plan as vehicle routes on a map or a Gantt chart, along with estimated driving times, break times and estimated times of arrival. You can view the plan from the perspective of each vehicle. 

● Each solution is generated in minutes  – You can establish a maximum available time for Scheduler to produce a plan. The system creates a first solution and then further iterations in an attempt to find better solutions until the total available time has elapsed.

● Total integration with Frotcom – Because Scheduler is integrated with Frotcom, you can track how your vehicles execute the plan by being notified immediately when a deviation from the plan occurs.

Main features
  • Determine the best allocation of jobs to vehicles in order to minimize execution costs: mileage, number of vehicles, delays or missed deliveries.
  • Specify restrictions by using tags for vehicles and delivery locations. Only vehicles containing the right tag will be selected to visit a tagged location (e.g. locations that require low-height trucks).
  • Import your jobs from your ERP system or simply as Excel files. Export the results back to your ERP system or in a printable format.
  • Once approved, the plan will be assigned to the vehicles in Frotcom.
  • Monitor and manage execution against the plan and adjust as necessary.
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Maximize fleet efficiency
By optimizing your fleet resources, you will not have to use an excessive number of vehicles. 
Reduce planning time
Save a lot of time and stress by having Scheduler calculate the best routes for you on a daily basis.
Enhance customer service
Make sure your vehicles do not miss the time windows available at each delivery location, thus avoiding upset customers.
Shorten order lead times
Scheduler can quickly create a new plan so you can accept last-minute orders.
Simulate before investing
You can also run simulations with different vehicle capacities before acquiring new vehicles.
Patinter - Portugal

"We are very pleased to partner with such a well-regarded vehicle tracking system like Frotcom which allowed us to manage our fleet more effectively and efficiently. We look forward to continuing our work together."

Francisco Polónio
Chairman of the Board
Patinter - Portugal