Free Version

Before you decide to buy the full version of Frotcom, why don’t you test the free version? Because, you know, it’s really free!

What is the free version?

The free version of Frotcom allows you to track/locate an Android device.  Once you download and install the free app onto your smartphone, you will be able to follow, manage and control its whereabouts (requires the smartphone’s user permission).

All personal data is collected, processed and managed according to Frotcom International's privacy policy.

Is it really free?


Where will I see the locations?

You will be given credentials to log in Frotcom and track the Android smartphone

How many smartphones can I track in the free version?

Only one device per account.

For how long can I use the free service?

For as long as you want.










Free version

Differences between free and full versions

There are some important differences between the free version and the full version

Free Version

  • Tracks Android Smartphones
  • Maximum one smartphone tracked per account
  • Information gathered: location, direction and speed, every 1 minute when in movement
  • Basic reports and basic alarms types
  • Suitable for very basic tracking only and evaluation purposes
  • Free
  • No helpline available

Full Version

  • Tracks professional GPS trackers in vehicles
  • Unlimited number of vehicles tracked per account
  • Basic information gathered: location, direction, speed and ignition status, every 1 minute when in movement
  • Other information collected (optional) includes sensor data, RPMs, engine temperature, tachograph data
  • Other optional services include all the features described on the website: driving behavior, cost management, workforce management, remote download of tachograph data and many others
  • Full access to tens of reports and alarm types
  • Suitable for professional fleet management purposes
  • Full after-sales support and helpline