You need your operations to run as quickly and smoothly as possible, but always within the limits of the law. Limitation of driving times, maximum speeds and cargo temperature control are some examples.  Legislation is necessary to protect workers and consumers, but complying with it is not necessarily a simple task.  So here’s what you need to ensure you’re always in compliance with legislation:

Driving times compliance

European Regulation (EC) 561/2006, alongside the more recent EU Mobility Package I, establishes a unified framework of EU driving regulations encompassing maximum daily and fortnightly driving times, along with daily and weekly minimum rest periods, applicable to drivers of both road haulage and passenger transport vehicles. The primary objectives of these regulations are to enhance working conditions, bolster driver safety, promote environmentally conscious driving practices, and foster fair competition within the transport industry. However, it's important to note that these European driving rules may be subject to certain exceptions and national derogations.

If you have a long-haulage company, for instance, travelling in Europe, your company needs to comply with these provisions. That’s not necessarily confusing for your drivers, who have the aid of a tachograph measuring their driving and resting times, but it may be challenging for your fleet managers, who need to assign new services to the drivers. They have to calculate whether or not drivers have enough time left to be able to complete the tasks to be assigned to them. Wrong calculations may result in violations – and heavy fines – or, on the other hand, leave drivers and vehicles stopped for too long for fear of not being able to complete the work in the time remaining.

Once your company is able to easily calculate these times, however, it’s easy to decide which drivers a new task can be assigned to, without the risk of violations and subsequent police tickets.

Solution – Comply with legislation

Storage of tachograph files

In Europe, operators of heavy vehicles are responsible for downloading data from tachograph driver cards and from the tachograph mass memory of each vehicle. They are then obliged to store that data for at least one year, readily available to a law enforcement officer if requested. 

This requires frequent visits to each vehicle to download the files locally onto a portable device, or, ideally, performing a remote download of this data directly to a computer in the office.

Having an automatic and simple way to download files remotely will keep you safe from any violation of the law and the heavy fines that may occur as a result.

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Monitoring of temperature-controlled food and beverages, pharmaceuticals or livestock transportation

Food and beverages, as well as pharmaceutical products, must be transported, handled and stored in a manner that mitigates the risk of exposure to temperatures outside labelled storage conditions.

As for the transportation of livestock, legislation requires that live animals being transported need to be monitored to ensure their welfare during transit.

Failure to comply with such temperature conditions not only risks heavy fines, but can also deteriorate products to the point of rendering them useless, and kill or severely hurt live animals being transported.

In order to avoid such consequences and so that any necessary action and correction can still be executed in due time, you need to constantly monitor temperature and be alerted in the event that the temperature exceeds or falls outside of permissible limits. This will save you both money and hassle while also keeping your transports compliant with legislation.

Speeding and aggressive driving

Speeding and aggressive driving are wasteful. They not only consume additional fuel and increase vehicle wear and tear, but also increase the risk of accidents and injuries, which of course results in public liability. This is not necessarily only a problem for the driver. In many countries and states, employers bear some responsibility for the actions of their employees. 

So if your drivers behave aggressively, they are increasing your exposure and the possibility of your company being involved in a lawsuit.

Then of course there’s speeding tickets.

You need to be able to take control. You need to know immediately when a vehicle is speeding, so that you can react accordingly.  You need to know which drivers are frequently exceeding the recommended driving patterns and therefore more exposed to the risk of accidents, as well as all the legal consequences that follow.

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